Phoenix Continues Search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370)

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc.

Phoenix International is an experienced marine services contractor providing underwater engineering and operational solutions to customer requirements worldwide.  We are committed to ensuring the safety of our personnel at all times; our excellent safety record is a testimonial to the success of this commitment.

Operating from support facilities on the East, Gulf, and West Coasts, Phoenix provides a full range of manned and unmanned diving capabilities to accomplish complex operations from the surface to water depths of 6,000 meters.  Phoenix engineers specialize in the design and build of underwater systems and tooling to assist our employees and our customers in accomplishing projects in the marine environment.

Offshore Oil and Gas

Phoenix International - Underwater Operations

Worldwide operations support marine construction, subsea tieback, infield development, P&A, underwater inspection and maintenance, and platform repair.

Engineering Support and Design

Phoenix International - Engineering

Multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities focus on analysis and the development of processes, procedures, tools, and systems that result in safer, and more efficient performance when working underwater.

Underwater Search and Recovery

Phoenix International - Underwater Search and Recovery

Phoenix teams are ready 24/7 to deploy anywhere in the world to quickly locate and recover lost aircraft, missiles, ordnance, or other valuable assets lost in water depths to 6,000 meters.

Underwater Ship Husbandry

Phoenix International - Ship Husbandry

Phoenix’s team of underwater specialists provide a full scope of capabilities including hull cleaning, Class certified hull inspection and welding (both wet and hyperbaric.) Additionally we provide in-water propeller repair and modification, Bow Thruster repair and change out, and OEM approved Stern Tube Seal Repairs.

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