Phoenix International Holdings, Inc.



In 1997, six underwater operations experts joined resources to form Phoenix Marine, Inc., an underwater services company dedicated to the waterborne repair of US Navy ships. This goal was realized when the US Navy awarded Phoenix a five-year Diving and Diving Related Services contract.

Within three years, the company, deploying an internally designed and built 6,000 msw depth capable ROV, won several internationally competed contracts to search for and recover aircraft and rocket components from water depths to 3,000 meters. In 2001, this demonstrated capability resulted in the award of another five-year contract to perform search and recovery services for the US Navy.

In 2003, from our operating base in Louisiana, Phoenix began providing underwater services to the oil & gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Starting with surface air and mixed gas diving, the company expanded into Atmospheric Diving and ROV services, allowing us to perform inspection, repair, maintenance, and construction operations from the surface down to 6,000 msw.

This expansion continues today, and Phoenix has grown into a diversified and internationally respected underwater services provider. In response to our increasingly global activities, the company changed its name to Phoenix International, Inc. in 2000, and to Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. in late 2007 when we became 100% employee owned.

Today, Phoenix is active in undersea markets worldwide, providing manned and unmanned underwater operations and engineering solutions to our customers’ problems.


Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ)

Phoenix is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 Management System Standard by DNV GL. This certification validates the rigorous standards applied to our Quality Management System (QMS) company-wide. Within our QMS, we maintain and employ several key workflow processes for managing and coordinating the efforts required in the performance of the services we provide. These workflow processes identify key steps, actions, and responsibilities that operational personnel must perform in fulfilling the contract work requirements in a manner that protects the safety and health of all workers and protects the environment. Every person on a Phoenix project has the authority and obligation to ensure the safety of the workplace and any team member can invoke Stop Work Authority to ensure hazards are properly mitigated before an accident can occur.

The Phoenix Health and Safety organization is robust, including a dedicated manager of Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) Programs and Health, Safety and Environmental Officers in each company office location.


Safety Statement

Phoenix is fully committed to our employees’ health and safety, and to providing the safest working conditions possible.

Phoenix’s basic philosophy is that all personal injuries, as well as incidents that affect health, safety, and the environment can and must be prevented. While the responsibility for safety begins and ends with the company president, that responsibility is shared throughout the organization.

All employees at every level are expected to accept full responsibility for their own safety, and for the safety of those with whom they work. Our goal is an incident-free workplace obtained through continuous improvement for the protection of our most vital resource, the Phoenix employee.


Environmental Policy

Phoenix is fully committed to complying with applicable legal requirements to protect the environment and avoid the harmful effects of pollutants and wastes. We continually identify the possible environmental hazards and take the required action to avoid or reduce them to ensure the safety of our personnel and the environment.