Phoenix Towable Diving System

Phoenix’s Towable Diving System (TDS) is a mobile, shallow water diving spread designed for rapid response to ship repair, inspection, and maintenance work down to 60fsw.   Supported by a 4 or 5 man diving crew, the system is dispatched to the Client’s port of choice (from either Galveston, TX or Bayou Vista, LA) and set up alongside the vessel/dock to perform the required operation.  This arrangement eliminates the need for costly crane fees and dock charges typically associated with having to mobilize a diving spread on board a vessel, thereby providing a fast, efficient, and economical solution for our Clients.

Some examples of work that can be supported by the TDS:

  • vessel inspections (photos & video); class approved UWILD inspections
  • hull cleaning
  • propeller straightening/cropping/polishing
  • class approved underwater welding/burning/cutting
  • inland diving operations
  • seal repairs
  • bow/stern thruster exchanges
  • overboard installations