Phoenix’s engineering department provides the technical know how to make our underwater solutions work. To meet our customer’s wide range of needs we are constantly engineering solutions to new problems or more competitive tools for Phoenix’s services. In addition to the design and construction of underwater robotic vehicles, Phoenix engineers also routinely supply support for underwater operations.

Phoenix engineers are commonly provided opportunities to participate in underwater operations to heighten their understanding and ability to better provide practical and cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

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To engineer underwater solutions we draw on the following skill sets linked to example technical solutions:

Marine/Ocean Engineering
• Diver Tools and Equipment
• Underwater Ship Husbandry Tools and Equipment
• 6000msw Depth Systems

Electrical Engineering
• Pressure Tolerant Electronics
• PT LED Lights

Mechanical Engineering
• Pressure / Compensated Housing
• Frames, ROV, Deck, Lift
• Rigging, Deep Lift

Naval Architecture
• Ship Motion
• Deck Loads and Support