Underwater Search and Recovery

Phoenix is an internationally recognized expert in the field of deep ocean search and recovery. Our significant experience in performing complex deep-water search and recovery operations dates back to 1999, when Phoenix provided side scan sonar interpretation support and ROV services in 2,950 msw to locate, identify, and subsequently recover portions of the lost Israeli submarine INS Dakar – a submarine that had been missing since 1969. Since this dramatic beginning, Phoenix has completed over 150 commercial and government sponsored offshore search, survey, and worldwide ROV/AUV operations in water depths up to 6,000 msw.

Phoenix provides quick response and turnkey services for the location and recovery of aircraft, vessels, ordnance, weaponry, lost instrumentation, or other objects from any water depth down to 6000 msw.

Expertise in loss analysis, search planning, logistics, at-sea operations, sonar interpretation, data management, and ROV based recovery techniques have been demonstrated on numerous operational projects.

Missions to locate and recover targets:

  • The Space Shuttle Columbia
  • Adam Air Flight 574
  • Yemenia Airways Flight IY626
  • Air France Flight 447
  • Over 50 military aircraft recoveries for accident investigation purposes

Phoenix holds a contract with the U.S. Navy, Director of Ocean Engineering, Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) for conducting worldwide rapid response undersea search, salvage, recovery and rescue operations. Under this contract we are tasked to perform 24/7 worldwide search and recovery operations for various military and government agencies. We also operate and maintain the U.S. Navy’s inventory of deep ocean search and recovery equipment.  Additionally, Phoenix owns commercial search and recovery systems which it can deploy as necessary to allow us to conduct simultaneous search and/or recovery operations worldwide.