Wet, Dry & Hyperbaric Underwater Welding

Phoenix International’s diving division-comprised of experienced professionals with diverse skills and comprehensive knowledge developed on projects worldwide-provides safe, high quality underwater welding services to the offshore Oil and Gas and commercial shipping industries.

Underwater Repairs

Phoenix offers a wide range of underwater welding services including:

  • Class approved wet and dry hyperbaric welding procedures for structural and pressurized piping utilizing multiple filler and base material combinations
  • Class approved dry hyperbaric tendon porch and pontoon weld repairs to floating structures and vessels
  • Dry welding repairs inside of floating structure pontoons and columns
  • Wet and dry hyperbaric weld repairs to fixed structures
  • Safe underwater cutting/burning of:
    • Carbon steel (regular, high strength & high yield)
    • Aluminum
    • Copper Nickel/Nickel Copper
    • Monel
    • Stainless Steel

  Underwater Welding Brochure


Welding Procedures

Currently, Phoenix has more than 40 certified welding procedures that greatly reduce client costs by enabling the use of pre-qualified procedures that match your materials and design.  If one of our qualified procedures matches your project needs, our personnel will aid in presenting it to the governing authority for approval.  However, if a new procedure is required, our engineers and AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) will work with the classifying societies and client governing body to develop new welding procedures to meet client specific needs.


Our Experience

Phoenix has years of experience conducting inspection and repair work on floating structures in the Gulf of Mexico and vessels worldwide.  Some examples of our experience include:

  • Removing/replacing multiple structural members to repair a storm damaged platform (over 2,000 hours of bottom time)
  • Welding at the splash zone to repair an offshore structure
  • ABS approved dry hyperbaric repairs to a TLP tendon porch
  • ABS approved repairs inside pontoons/columns on TLPs
  • 20 years of underwater wet and dry welding repairs to U.S. Navy ships and submarines