AUV — Autonomous Underwater Vehicle


Phoenix International’s Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Artemis, is a highly portable search/survey deepwater system that operates two field-swappable payloads. The acoustic payload is a multi-beam echo sounder, a dual frequency side scan sonar, and a sub-bottom profiler which can be operated simultaneously for efficient single-pass data collection. The optical payload is a high resolution (1936 x 1456 pixels) b&w camera used to make photomosaics of seafloor features. An onboard Inertial Navigation System, Doppler Velocity Log, Ring Laser Gyro, and depth sensor combined with an UltraShort Baseline (USBL) System produce highly accurate, repeatable and reliable navigation and positioning of the vehicle.

The complete system includes: topside equipment, USBL, Launch & Recovery system, AUV, batteries and complete sparing/maintenance tools. It ships as 21 pieces, weighs 12,000 pounds, and has a total volume of 1,000 cubic feet. The small onboard footprint permits mobilization on small Vessels of Opportunity while its modular design and field swappable batteries allow for rapid on-deck turn-around times and the ability to change payloads quickly which results in more efficient operations. The vehicle, batteries and support equipment are designed to be easily broken down and packaged for rapid shipment; an ideal feature essential to Phoenix’s need to support its worldwide operations on short notice and to remote regions.

Artemis is depth-rated to 5000 meters. Phoenix deploys with a 5-man crew for 24/7 operations reducing bunk requirements giving flexibility to vessel selection for cost-competitive professional AUV services.

  Artemis AUV

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