REMORA Description

The Remora concept emphasizes simplicity, robust design and configurability. With a depth rating of 6,000 meters, Remora is a member of an exclusive club of ROVs, most of which are owned by government and academic institutions.

The Remora class vehicles are purpose-built for deep water work, yet they can compete with significantly larger ROVs for shallow water work as well.

Remora’s small footprint is one of its greatest advantages. It has the ability to work in spaces that other work class vehicles cannot.

The Remora ROV system does not utilize a TMS (Tether Management System) which in many cases can add almost a 100% increase in complexity and correspondingly lower level of reliability typical of most commercial ROVs. The system is air transportable making it ideal for fast response worldwide.

The design was tailored to cost effectively perform:

  • Medium Duty Work Tasks
  • Wreck Investigation
  • Recovery Operations
  • Optical Documentation
  • Sampling
  • Sub-sea Cable Support

REMORA II Specifications

REMORA III Specifications