Atmospheric Diving

The HARDSUIT™ Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) is an advanced approach to diving operations that offers significant advantages over saturation diving for many underwater tasks. Because the ADS pilot operates in a one atmosphere environment, non-productive decompression requirements are completely eliminated.

The HARDSUIT™ is smaller and more mobile than other one atmospheric suit designs. Its compact size permits better access to restricted work areas, and allows the pilot to maneuver and maintain the suit in any orientation. The suit’s joint flexibility and hand pod dexterity gives the system practical work capabilities. The suit also protects the pilot from common traumatic injuries. Typical working dives are up to six hours in duration. The HARDSUIT™ is rated to a depth of 1,200 fsw, and is a proven tool in the commercial diving industry.

The design of the HARDSUIT™ places utmost importance on safety. Life support parameters are continuously monitored and recorded by a Topside Atmospheric Monitoring System. The HARDSUIT™ is neutrally buoyant in the water column, can hover and accommodate a variety of conventional tools with only minor modifications to hardware and procedures.

The HARDSUIT™ is specifically designed to support underwater construction projects as well as inspection, non-destructive testing, maintenance, repair, and salvage and recovery at significantly reduced operating costs.

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Infinity Phoenix Subsea is a joint venture between Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. and Infinity Offshore Pty Ltd to provide ADS work in the Australasia region with the highly successful Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) Hardsuit™. Based out of Perth, Australia the JV combines the dynamic team of experienced engineering professionals, construction managers and technicians of Infinity Offshore, with the skilled and knowledgeable Phoenix project managers and ADS operators.

• Tree Installation and Intervention
• Riser Installation
• Pipeline Tie-ins
• Field Development

The HARDSUIT™ offers our clients a safe and effective underwater work tool that can reduce overall project time, cost and risk. The suit provides the following operational advantages:

  • Longer Working Times Without Decompression
  • Rapid Mobilization Capability
  • Ability to Maneuver in Any Position
  • Accessibility to Confined Spaces
  • Minimal Shipboard deck Space Requirements
  • Smaller Crew Sizes vs. Conventional Air, Mixed-Gas, and Saturation Diving Modes