Submarine Rescue

Phoenix International is the prime contractor for the operation and maintenance of the US Navy’s Submarine Rescue Systems through a Government Owned, Contractor Operated/Maintained (GOCO/CM) arrangement. In conjunction with Navy personnel, Phoenix has the responsibility for carrying out an end-to-end rescue operation, maintaining a high level of readiness for a worldwide deployment on a 24-hour-per-day, 7-day-per-week basis. Phoenix is designated as the only commercial operations and maintenance firm qualified to conduct maintenance on all of the US submarine rescue systems to the rigorous standards required by the Navy’s “Scope of Certification” Quality Assurance Program.

The Navy’s submarine rescue assets are organized in three major systems:

  • The Assessment/Underwater Work System (AUWS)
  • The Submarine Rescue System (SRS)
  • The Submarine Rescue Chamber Flyaway System (SRCFS).

The AUWS includes four Atmospheric Dive System 2000 (ADS 2000) suits, three ADS 2000 Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), Side Looking Sonar (SILOS), and the Lightweight Mooring System (LWMS).

The SRS is comprised of the Submarine Decompression System (SDS) and the Pressurized Rescue Module System (PRMS). Both the AUWS and SRS are further composed of ancillary support and connectivity equipment.

The SRCFS is comprised of the two Submarine Rescue Chambers and associated support equipment. All elements of the US Navy submarine rescue program are stored, maintained, and ready for mobilization at Navy owned facilities on Naval Air Station North Island in San Diego, California.