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Tel: (800) 648-8949 / +1 (301) 341-7800

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Undersea Operations

From our Largo, Maryland office, Phoenix executes worldwide unmanned underwater operations to depths of 6,000 meters (20,000 feet of seawater). These operations involve subsea intervention systems including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), deepwater sonar systems, and other robotic systems and subsea tooling in support of our deep ocean search and recovery, geophysical surveys, and other subsea operational related services.

In addition to the operation and maintenance of our own fleet of ROVs and subsea survey equipment, through a contract we hold with the Naval Sea Systems Command, we operate and maintain several U.S. Navy owned ROVs and underwater search equipment. All of the systems housed within our Largo facility assist us in performing deep ocean search and recovery operations. The sophistication and capability of these systems ranges from inspection-only ROVs, to complex, heavy work systems. ROV systems and associated support equipment are ready 24/7 for rapid response to global operational requirements.

Our 5,005 msw depth rated AUV, Artemis, is the newest addition to our growing fleet of underwater vehicles. This Bluefin-21 AUV system is highly portable and, when combined with our skilled operators and data processors, offers significant cost and schedule advantages over tethered deepwater search/survey systems.



Our Largo office also serves as the primary home of our subsea focused engineering department. Phoenix engineers specialize in the design and build of underwater systems to assist in accomplishing projects in the marine environment. Phoenix’s ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System (QMS) emphasizes assurance of engineering quality through controlled, disciplined, and well-defined work processes. Phoenix’s engineering capabilities encompass the design, build, test, and integration of manned diving systems, tools, underwater sensors, structures, energy sources, and underwater vehicles. Whether designing major structural repairs to an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico, developing a 1,000 foot depth-rated deployable saturation diving system, or developing and building a small 6,000 meter depth-rated battery powered ROV – our engineers achieve quality results that are on time, under budget, and ready to meet the challenges of the maritime environment.


Although the services listed above are services that are directly deployed from this location, all of Phoenix services are available worldwide.
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