AUV Operations

Phoenix operates and maintains a 5,000 meter depth-rated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Artemis, “Goddess of the Hunt”, equipped with multiple payloads and backseat control architecture. This architecture coupled with the Phoenix-built payload computer accepts a variety of sensors enabling real-time behavior control of the vehicle based on sensor input.

This highly portable system ships globally within 4 hours of notice and is comprised of 20 pieces with a total ship weight of 10,000 lbs. The five man crew operates 24/7 with a small footprint allowing deployment onboard economical vessels of opportunity.

Using our designed docking head the vehicle can be launched and recovered using most vessel cranes that have a 5,000 lbs lifting capacity at maximum reach of 18-24 feet. The Artemis AUV system also has a dedicated articulated knuckle boom crane (Palfinger PK32002M) that is skid mounted and can ship with the system providing stand-alone launch and recovery capabilities.

The AUV has three mission payload configurations: an Acoustic Payload, an Optical Payload, and a Geophysical Payload. The three payload systems can be swapped with minimal effort in the field. The Acoustic Payload can simultaneously operate a 400 kHz Reson 7125 multibeam echosounder, and an Edgetech Sidescan Sonar and Sub-bottom Profiler increasing the data density and cost efficiency per survey line.

The Optical Payload produces 25 square meter black and white still imagery which can be geo-referenced to produce mosaic plots and correlated to the Acoustic Payload survey data.

The Geophysical Payload concurrently operates a 3-axis magnetometer with nanoTesla sensitivity, a self-potential sensor with a 3 meter di-pole with milliVolt sensitivity, a multibeam echosounder collecting backscatter and bathymetry, and a CTD.

The vehicle has an average dive endurance of 20 hours at speeds of 3.5 kts. Deck turnaround time is less than four hours.

The Artemis AUV system supports a variety of missions, including:

  • Archaeological Surveys
  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Search Operations
  • Habitat and Benthic Surveys
  • Route and As-Built Surveys
  • Mineral Surveys
  • Optical Documentation

The Artemis AUV system is a mobile system with payload flexibility that is the right system for quality survey work requiring high precision navigation and terrain following capabilities. The system is continually being adapted to customer driven payload requirements which are supported by in-house engineering and programming by experienced deep-water vehicle experts.

Detailed information on the Artemis AUV system can be found herePhoenix AUV