Underwater Maintenance and Ship Husbandry

Phoenix International provides a full range of experience, capabilities and equipment to provide quality repairs to military and commercial ship markets, oil and gas platform owners, and the marine infrastructure construction and service industry. Our repair methodology is rooted in a matchless combination of engineers who understand the dynamics of the underwater environment and an experienced team of underwater specialists who utilize Class approved ship inspection procedures, welding repair procedures, underwater repair and rigging expertise, and an industry-leading quality assurance protocol that provides the customer with accurate and timely Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) of contracted repairs. Phoenix uses a variety of manned and unmanned technologies supported by highly experienced operators and engineers to develop cost-effective solutions to a wide range of underwater challenges. An example of this is the HULLSCAN® underwater structure inspection capability that combines diver and automated techniques to obtain paint, metal thickness, and weld integrity measurements.

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Oil and Gas

A combination of mixed-gas diving, Atmospheric Diving System (ADS 1200), and ROV capability enables Phoenix to “go deep” (up to 6,000 msw) to perform repairs to rig installations, to subsea platforms, and in other oil and gas industry sectors.

Maintenance and repair services including inspection, engineering assessment, and repair can be mobilized aboard any vessel of opportunity to reach the Gulf of Mexico and other clients worldwide.

Marine Infrastructure

Phoenix understands what it takes to provide safe, effective and efficient structural engineering repair and assessment to the marine infrastructure industry. Our personnel can perform diving operations to inspect infrastructure components and, if needed, assess repair requirements in various underwater conditions including limited visibility, high currents, restricted conditions and cold water. Projects that we can accomplish include inspections of piers, wharves, seawalls, bulkheads, graving docks, outfalls and other water service facilities.

Ship Husbandry

Phoenix maintains 24/7 readiness to respond to calls for help from both government (US Navy) and commercial (shipping industry, cruise ships, Oil & Gas (FPSOs, TLPs, etc.) and other clients who require fast and efficient solutions to challenges underwater.

Phoenix’s dive stations are certified by appropriate class agents to perform Underwater Inspection in lieu of Dry-Dock (UWILD) services, in water surveys or other inspection services as needed. This capability allows Phoenix to provide a turnkey service that identifies repair issues to ship owners and coordinate the planning and manpower to complete the repair. Phoenix can provide full hull cleaning services to customers located in the throughout USA and Caribbean Islands.